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We invite distributors, shops, services and restaurants to cooperate with us. We guarantee favourable cooperation conditions and offera unique premium product.

Birko Ceramics

Ceramicsmanufacturer "Birko" in Kościerzynawas established in 1989. It is a family business with tradition. Irena and RyszardBrzoskowscyare its founders and owners.

The company is a manufacturer of high quality household and decorativeceramics.


We mainly produce unique ceramic tableware. Our offer includes:

  • containers for spices
  • containers for flour, sugar, salt, rice
  • shelves withceramic drawers in several models
  • containers for vegetables, e.g. onions, garlic, potatoes
  • ceramic mugs
  • clocks in many designs

We also make customized ceramics for anniversaries, celebrations or for advertising purposes.

What makes us different?

Birko Ceramika Our ceramics are produced in a variety of colours, so they are suitable for every kitchen. Our products are tailored to the individual needs and tastes of our customers.

We offer not only a wide range of colours, but also a wide range of on-glaze and underglazedecorations. We use different decorating techniques:

  • coloured glazing
  • ceramiclithography
  • hand painting

CEvery year we expand our offer, introducing new items and decorations so that everyone can find their ideal product.

Birko – ceramics created with passion!

Design and production: